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We always concerntrate on manufacturing premium quality waterproofing materials.

As one of leading professional manufacturers for building materials, We adhere to the principle of “Health first” and focus on supplying high-quality products catering to different use, through untiring pursuit and hard working, now we own most modern factory, introduce most advanced equipments aiming at realizing yearly productivity capacity of 40,000,000㎡ of waterproofing membranes and 40,000 tons of waterproofing coatings. We are becoming the biggest supplier for waterproofing materials around China.

Our sound management system and all-round distribution network and detailed technical knowledge and experience allows us to draw products from each of our ranges in order to develop tailored waterproofing solutions that meet individual needs. All of our products have been thoroughly tried and tested and conform to international standards.

Unique concept forges great enterprise; we are soaring and striving to become real multinational company.