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Company Philosophy

【Core Value】
  The enterprising healthy people
【Our Mission】
  Leading green production promote harmonious living
【Corporate Vision】
  China building waterproofing industry leader
【Business Philosophy】
  Mutual trust, reciprocity and win-win-win
【Corporate Style】
  Rational and pragmatic professional and efficient innovation
【Talent Concept】
  Recruitment, both ability and responsibility; employment, job matching and capacity; culture, character and accomplishment priority; promotion, performance and potential interaction.
  Karen Building Material - fine fusion of visible honest.
  Karen Materials - Technology Pioneer, green engines.
  Karen Materials - Fine Fusion, the industry benchmark; white strategy at a glance.
  Karen materials, Chinese water industry second strand. Securities referred to: Karen building materials; stock code: 831517.
  Karen materials, China's leading brand of fusion waterproof
  Karen join hands in building materials, promote the integration of water; alliance fellow world, creating a century building.